Covid Safety

Employers have a duty of care to ensure their teams are secure and feel safe when they return to their place of work once the lockdown rules have been relaxed. This responsibility also extends to retail premises and hospitality sites, where the wellbeing of shoppers and diners is paramount.

Here at Eyecandy Graphics and Signs, we believe communication is key, and our team is on hand to provide help and support in order to reduce some of the stress business owners and employees will face when Scotland gets back to work.

Distance and separation, movement and circulation and hygiene and safety is of paramount importance as all businesses embrace a new way of working. And with this in mind, businesses will need:


a comprehensive range of signs and posters

to communicate traffic flow to ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to throughout – this can be achieved by utilising simple stencils, with arrows spray painted on concrete to more sophisticated distance reminder floor stickers on carpets and hard floors


COVID-19 public health posters pinned to noticeboards



handwash reminders, free standing or wall mounted hand sanitiser stations alongside increased stocks of soap, paper towels and dryers for your kitchens and bathrooms


to provide hygiene kits for all employees


reception screens, contact logbooks for visitors and anti-microbial pens for signing in.

Anto-Microbal Copper Films that destroy microbes within minutes

Helping you create a safer working environment

Return to work catalogue

Please browse our online brochure as a starting point and if you can’t see what you need don’t hesitate to contact us.

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