Are you ready to re open for guests?

As the deadline for re opening approaches you will be reading up on the approved cleaning protocols and products but have you organised signage to guide and inform your guests about where they can and can’t go, where to keep the 2M social distancing, reminders to wash hands or use hand sanitizer, out of bound communal areas etc?

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Hospitality signage

It is vital that your guests are aware of the actions they need to take to keep themselves and others safe, and clear, concise signage is essential to communicate the necessary steps.

At Eyecandy Graphics and Signs we can provide the solution for every scenario – and everything can be personalised with your accommodation logo and details.

This includes protective equipment and hand sanitizer dispensers: rather than buying in huge quantities of individual hand sanitizer which is expensive and results in large quantities of plastic wastage, why not install a wall mounted dispenser? These can be placed just inside the door of your accommodation to be used on entering and are fully refillable with the sanitizer of your choice.

Please browse our online brochure as a starting point and if you can’t see what you need don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are you ready to go back to work?

The Coronavirus outbreak is on the decline but according to expert advice things will take a prolonged time to return to normality. In these times, it is vital for everyone to be made aware of what actions to take in order to keep safe.

Eyecandy has designed this catalogue to ensure businesses have signage which aids and improves the health and safety around the workplace and allows staff, customers and visitors to stay safe.

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